Mark R. Silber

About Us

     Mark Silber is an experienced New Jersey trial lawyer in practice since 1973.  In 1977 he won his first famous published case, Pavesi vs. Ford.  This established the right of a consumer to get his money back for the purchase of a lemon or defective automobile.  This was the first case of its kind, which served to chid Congress and the states to enact new warranty and lemon laws.  
     In the years following, Mr. Silber continued to advance consumer rights, both in court and through lobbying efforts in Trenton.  Mr. Silber then became a keynote speaker giving seminars and keynote presentations to various consumer groups around the country.  The Center For Auto Safety invited Mr. Silber to participate in one or more of its seminars and conventions.
     Not long after, Mr. Silber was nominated and won a term to the Board of Directors of Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports Magazine.  Today, Mr. Silber speaks and gives seminars to other professionals on warranties, lemon law, and consumer fraud. 
     Recently, Mr. Silber has expanded his practice to include commercial, labor and
construction law; and federal issues such as bankruptcy, copyright law for start-ups, and federal administrative law, such involving 401K and tax issues disputes with the Government.
     Being a lawyer exposes one to the most interesting people and diverse issues in the world.  Indeed, it’s a blessing and a rare privilege to practice law.  As one wit once said, there’s not a subject ever discussed at any party a lawyer can’t add his two cents to!
     With the advent of this website, Mr. Silber will be adding legal pointers to his online “Law Library.”  We hope you find some topics fascinating and return often to search for updates. You can even leave your legal question for the “Reference Librarian” who will respond.  Try it. 
     Mr. Silber guarantees you’ve never heard on “On Hold” message quite like his.  It’s the only place people call for the sole purpose of asking to be placed, “On Hold!”  Try it.  You’ll like it.  Call 732.494.0400 and ask to be placed, “On Hold.”