Mark R. Silber


Administrative Law and Hearings, Includes Motor Vehicle Points & Hearings

    If you're a licensed professional, (or a licensed driver), you may ask or be summoned to appear before a licensing board investigating or charging you with a violation of your license. Frequently, licensing boards are comprised of jealous competitors looking to curb your success. Never appear in person without the benefit of counsel. Charges against a licensed professional are civil. You do not have the right to remain silent without losing your license. Yet, if you confess to a crime during a licensing hearing, criminal charges may be preferred against you. Never attend or answer licensing charges without the benefit of counsel.

    The most common administrative hearing is the one to which you are entitled before your driver's license is suspended. Call us, and we'll tell discuss with you defenses to suspension of your driver's license. Here, if you read the small print carefully, you will note you are required to file your defenses when you fill out the form asking for a hearing. If you ask for the hearing before consulting with us, you risk loss of the hearing before you even attend. Call us IMMEDIATELY upon learning your driver's license may be suspended. You need our help.

    We also represent ordinary citizens against civil charges filed by the government. DYFS is out of hand. Many innocent people have secret abuse or neglect charges noted against them without ever being notified or given the opportunity for a hearing. Often these notes or charges don't surface until you make application for a job or someone runs a background check.



    Today, many contracts provide for disputes to be settled by binding arbitration. Litigation in New Jersey has grown so complicated and expensive, that binding arbitration clauses are preferred by many. Almost every automobile purchase contains a binding arbitration clause. We write the clauses for you, and we will represent you in an arbitration case. Arbitration is less expensive and is often over in a fraction of the time it takes to end a lawsuit.



    Reduce or get rid of your debt. Whether your mired in personal, medical or business debt, the United States Constitution and Federal Law make provisions for a fresh start. We've handled everything from a contested multi-million dollar involuntary bankruptcy to the simplest Chapter 7 discharge. It all begins with your first question. Call or contact us. Ask your questions.


Business Contracts, Partnerships, Corporations, Pre-Incorporation Agreements, Limited

Liability Companies ("LLCs"), and Joint Ventures

    People going into business, even family members going into business with each other, look to save on legal fees until it's too late. Once a dispute arises, each side will spend more money on legal fees and costs than had they each consulted an attorney before they went into business, together.


Construction Contracts and Litigation

    Allow us to prepare your contracts. Well written construction contracts more than pay for themselves in often preventing expensive lawsuits between owners, contractors and subcontractors. Still, once litigation or arbitration is started, we are there for you. We will show you how to prepare your case with documents and exhibits. In the digital internet age, you can even save on legal fees by consulting with us and then getting your own mounted photos and exhibits made. Ask us. We're on your side.


Consumer Law, Lemon Law

    Lemon law is a sub specialty within the overall area of consumer law. Consumer law includes home improvement and construction issues. We represent many homeowners and contractors in dispute. Our preference, however, is to prevent lawsuits. We find well prepared contracts can often keep people out of trouble by avoiding misunderstandings and providing for ways to settle minor disputes before they turn into full blown lawsuits or arbitrations.


Copyright and Intellectual Property

    We are just now expanding into our first copyright work. If you require greater sophistication, ask us, and we'll refer you to a larger and more experienced firm. If you want to sow the seeds with a start-up, then talk to us, and perhaps we will grow, together.



    We represent owners of property the Federal Government tried to grab, because a crime was committed using the property, or because the property was purchased with "dirty money."



    Whether you want buy or develop and sell a franchise, we want to hear from you. There are pitfalls for both sides. Sellers need to comply with state and federal law, and a host of regulations. Consumers looking to buy a franchise need to talk with someone who represents people who sell them. This is nearly impossible at a large firm, as most large firms will not take on smaller clients who may create a conflict of interest for them at a later date. Call us.



    Through the years, we?ve tried injury cases and even medical malpractice cases. If you've been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, talk to us. We want to hear what happened and why. If we take your case, we get paid only when you do.



    I.T. business is similar to commercial law. The same concepts apply, but it's nice to know we are familiar with the law governing I.T professionals. Talk to us.


Labor Issues

    We've represented companies in trouble with their labor unions and others who failed to deposit wage and salary withholdings. Be careful with the latter. Withholding 401K money and failing to deposit it is criminal. The Federal government, Department of Labor, pursues the money, while the Department of Justice pursues the criminal conviction. Get to us right away. Quick action settling with the Department of Labor can derail the case from going to the Department of Justice. The same is true with payroll withholding taxes, but to a lesser degree. All money withheld from employees is trust funds.


Motor Vehicle Violations, Tickets, Municipal Court, Drunk Driving ("DWI")

Tax Debt and Resolution of Unpaid Taxes

    You hear and see radio and television ads lawyers and law firms claiming miracle work when it comes to negotiating tax debt. The truth is great discounts can be achieved through good, honest, open and fair negotiations with the IRS or Federal Government. You need a negotiator who is credible and who is known or recognized to exhibit integrity. When your negotiator has integrity, you have put your best foot forward. Talk to us. Ask how we can reduce and eliminate your back taxes. This is a particular area in which we take special pride