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For 44 years and counting, Mark R. Silber, Attorney at Law, has been practicing bankruptcy law in Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge, NJ, and surrounding areas. Legal facets of bankruptcy can be explained and handled by Mark R. Silber.

Mr. Silber works with both creditors and debtors to get them the results they are seeking. Whether you’re a landlord who is owed money from a tenant or a homeowner who needs relief, you can trust Mark R. Silber to fight by your side to get the results you deserve.

Because the bankruptcy process and its specifics can get tricky, you’ll need an experienced attorney to handle your case. Call Mark R. Silber today at 732-494-0400 to get a diligent and hardworking attorney on your side.

Assisting debtors and creditors

The bankruptcy process is a demanding one, regardless of whether you’re a creditor or a debtor. Both sides are searching for a resolution, and Mark R. Silber, Attorney at Law, can protect the interests of either party.

If you are a creditor seeking a lawyer in Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge NJ, and surrounding areas, Mr. Silber can help you get the money you deserve from the debtor. Mr. Silber represents creditors and landlords in bankruptcy, eviction and other matters.

If you are a debtor in need of a fresh start, Mr. Silber will represent you in the bankruptcy process. Whether you are filing a Chapter 7 or chapter 13, Mr. Silber will represent you to minimize or discharge your debt.

For loyal representation in bankruptcy, call Mark R. Silber today at 732-494-0400.

Trust Mark R. Silber to work for you

Mark R. Silber, Attorney at Law, is a diligent and well-qualified bankruptcy lawyer who can handle your issue appropriately. He has become a highly-respected and sought after attorney in Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge, NJ and surrounding areas and is ready to assist you.

Whether you need to fight to keep your home or need the money you are owed, choose Mark R. Silber to work for you. Schedule an appointment today at 732-494-0400.

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