Knowledge Is Power

Words from a trusted & experienced attorney in Metuchen, Edison, South Plainfield & Woodbridge, NJ

Knowledge Is Power

The Truth Will Set You Free:

why it's so important to be transparent with your attorney

This advice may sound unconventional or unusual, but it holds great weight for any individual, no matter their status or situation.
It’s quite short and simple, it’s a wonder schoolboys aren't shouting it at recess.
“Tell your lawyer the truth.” Feed him bad facts and in turn, you will receive bad advice. Trust him and share the honest facts
and in turn, you will receive honest and good advice. Bad facts will get you nothing but bad advice.
The worst that could happen when you offer complete transparency to your attorney is disliking his advice. If you dislike their advice, just go to another attorney and tell him a different story in hopes of getting what you seek.
 Get the advice you want, and take your chances...
Remember, good facts warrant good advice, bad facts warrant bad advice.