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I was recently in a dispute with a former landlord about terminating my lease early. I had moved out of state for work and my wife and I could not afford to live in our new location because we were still under contract to pay rent in nj. After months of paying two rents and blowing through our savings, we found out that the apartment agency was not making any attempts to rent our former apartment. Further more they were using this time and our money to renovate and update. We took our case to Mark Silber, and he went through all our paper work and dedicated his time to not only comforting us but to get us the results we needed. Long story short he believed in us and fought for us and we're now clear and able to move on. I cannot emphasis how much he did for us!

Andrew S.

I contacted Mr. Silber reguarding my new vehicle that I was having ongoing problems with. He was extremely knowledgable about the Lemon Law and thoroughly explained what the process what look like moving forward with my case. Once I made the decision to file a claim he was very responsive through out the process. There was a lot of litigation and back and forth with the car company through the duration of my case and Mr. Silber was always on top of everything. In the end he guided me through in making the best decision for my case. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend him for anyone who has a dispute with a faulty vehicle.

Anthony Valle

If you have a New Jersey Lemon Law dispute don't waste your time calling all over NJ like we did, call Mr. Mark Silber. We retained Mr. Silber for a dispute with Ford Motor Company over a new vehicle we had purchased which proved to be faulty after having it for two months. It was difficult to find an attorney to represent us with a case against one of the BIG 3 US car manufacturers. After numerous phone calls being turned down by a number of attorneys because there were no injuries or the attorney was not well versed with the New Jersey Lemon Law, finally a friend recommended Mr. Silber and he was willing to meet with us. After meeting with Mr. Silber it was clear he is an expert with the New Jersey Lemon Law, he has worked on many cases against Ford, as well as other car manufacturers, and has a number of relationships with local dealerships, we were confident he would be successful with settling this case. Mr. Silber and his assistant Lori worked diligently to get our case settled. Although it took quite some time to get our case resolved than the typical Lemon Law matter they have worked on, we came out satisfied and we received our settlement from Ford. In fact they accompanied us to sign the final papers at the dealership, they did not want us to go alone without representation. If anyone has a Lemon Law matter or assistance with purchasing a new vehicle we highly recommend that you consult with Mr. Silber. Thank you Mr. Silber!

Linda and Bill

Dear Mark,
I write this brief note to thank you for all of your very professional legal efforts on my behalf in the unfortunate action Cornerstone v. Shaw.
Mr. Steve McCabe, a retired Counselor, and a very good friend told me that I should retain you immediately! That you were, in his opinion, the very best man for this situation. Boy was I delighted that Steve was such a good friend and a great resource.
Your efforts brought in Mr. Tom Decker in from my insurance co. I think that you will agree, that the two of you were a force to be reckoned with !
On behalf of my wife, Teresa and myself, I thank you for your
professionalism, your very astute legal advice and your advocacy on my behalf.
Three cheers for one of the GOOD GUYS!!!
Westfield, NJ 

Rob W.